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About Us

Crosstown Garage Doors Tampa Bay was created with a simple idea in mind. Integrity. Any business can be successful if they simply choose to do the right thing, even when no one is looking. Not only have we resolved to practice with integrity in our own homes, but we carry this attitude with each garage door repair and all of our retractable screen Tampa Bay clients. We train our garage door repair employees with the precise knowledge needed to properly diagnose garage door repair issues, and to also educate our clients. We are very excited about our retractable screens and retractable screen door Tampa Bay installations thus far. We encourage you to consider this relatively new retractable screen technology throughout Tampa Bay, which provides privacy, and energy efficiency.

We are committed to providing the most knowledgeable, and well trained technicians.
We strive to give you the customer experience you deserve.

Crosstown Garage Doors Tampa Bay is a family owned and operated Tampa Bay business, led by David and Jamie McLauchlin. They reside in the Tampa Bay area with their children.

Please contact Crosstown Garage Doors for a FREE on-site estimate. We service the Tampa Bay region, including St Petersburg and Clearwater. Choose us as your preferred Garage Door Tampa Bay provider. Also, please consider us as your retractable screen Tampa Bay vendor.